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Hiro accessible elevator is a dedicated elevator specially developed for the elderly and the disabled. It uses the existing stairs of residential buildings, the installation of dedicated orbit and aut
The accumulation of Germany HIRO LIFT company more than 100 years of elevator manufacturing experience and technical achievements, is the first domestic elevator and aluminum alloy hoist together, the
The traction elevator is mainly composed of eight systems, namely traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system and safety
Drive: rack and pinion Speed: 0.05 m / s Load capacity: 250 kg Scope: indoor / outdoor Docking station: 2 Area of use: 900X1300mm Power: 220V, battery Power: 0.65kW Color: optional Features: When the

HIRO450 vertical lifting platform


In order to guarantee product quality, the company not only has the world first-class product research and development center, perfect design and manufacturing technology, and advanced technology and equipment, also owns the international advanced CNC production equipment are the key process of machining.

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German HIRO LIFT company on October 1, 1897 in bielefeld, as the world's second launch machineroomless elevator manufacturing enterprises with independent intellectual property rights; 

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"Careful service, the user first" Hunan Hainuo Elevator Co., Ltd. 2017, the first "elevator basic knowledge training" successful
With the rapid development of urbanization process, the elevator has become one of the essential means of transport. As an elevator manufacturer, to improve the safety awareness of local users is our
"Careful service, the user first" Hunan Hainuo Elevator Co., Ltd. 2017, the first "elevator basic knowledge training" successful
Cheng Xiaoshan Research Hainuo Elevator Industrial Park
Hainuo Elevator Leadership Team Democracy Life Conference
Director of the Hi - tech Zone Administrative Committee Yan Xiaomei Research Hainuo Elevator Industrial Park
High-tech Zone puzzle game Hainuo players to reproduce the "school tyrants" style
Hainuo Elevator won the National Competitive Awards - the first national elevator installation skills competition
Gather together and gather together to fight for fifty five days
Hainuo lift sales situation is gratifying

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Sino-German Hunan Hiro Lift Co.,ltd is from hunan electric group and Germany HIRO LIFT co., LTD. Jointly establish a sino-foreign joint venture
Hiro lift the introduction of German technology, professional manufacturing barrier-free lift equipment, household villa elevator, wind power tower drum lifter, traction elevators, escalators, etc

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